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Owen Masterson is an adorable 2 year-old little boy who was born with a very rare diagnosis of Acalvaria, a condition in which the base of the skull and the facial bones form, but the actual skull bones do not form. This causes Owen's development to be significantly delayed. Much of his care is focused on keeping his head safe, as he does not have the skull bones that would normally protect his brain.

Owen’s family is currently receiving Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapies from a therapy team at DCO.His therapists are using several pieces of adaptive equipment that can enhance a child's quality of life when they have significant needs. This equipment has played a huge part in allowing Owen to participate in everyday activities, including interacting with his family, while keeping him comfortable and his head safe.

One piece of equipment that Owen uses every day is a Hi-Lo chair. The chair is appropriately called a Hi-Lo chair because it has the ability to be raised or lowered depending on what Owen is doing. He can now sit at the table with his family for meals or games, but can also sit close to the floor so that he is at eye level when he is around other children. Not only does the chair allow Owen to sit at different heights, it also provides great support for his trunk to keep his spine straight when sitting and helps Owen keep his head in the middle as he tends to lean to his right when he is upright due to the shape and weight of his brain. Owen loves sitting in his chair and has lots of smiles and laughter to share when he is in it.

Your gift to DCO this holiday season will bring other boys and girls to the family table – a place where so many celebrations are centered. As we prepare to welcome the year 2020, our vision is to see every person in our community able to access every opportunity possible. Your gift of just $20 can help ensure that this is possible. Think of it - $20 - what you might spend on a single plate of food – can make the difference of a child being able to eat dinner with his or her family.

Thank you for carefully considering a donation to DCO today. Your gift is certainly appreciated and will be stretched to its fullest capacity.


Marisa DeClue

Development/PR Director